Tweet Hearts

In 2017 the 3-part animated short series “Tweet Hearts” was released, which was created as part of my graduation project at the Babelsberg Film University. The family of three birds, the black parrot and the snow-white dove live with their black and white lovebird in a small bird cage, where they experience exciting, funny and sometimes difficult situations as a family. Lovebird is a mixture of mother and father and visually adapts to the affection of the respective parent. If the lovebird feels sympathy for its mother, it takes on her white color, if the lovebird just feels a special connection to parrot, it turns black like its father.

Direction, idea, animation, character design: Sandra Peise
Production: Lisa Bayer
Music: Ephraim Peise
Sound: Leo Aderhold
Clean-Up & coloring: Monira Kamal
Title design: Lisa Brüning
Dubbing voices: Barbara Fuchs (Dove), Jane Weinfurtner (Lovebird) und Ephraim Peise (Parrot)

Tweet Hearts – Episode 1 - Well hatched
Tweet Hearts – Episode 2 – Skillfully protected
Tweet Hearts – Episode 3 – Luckily saved


In 2017 and 2018, the episodes screened at 10 different film festivals worldwide and were nominated for the YOUNG ANIMATION Award at ITFS 2017 and at the Golden Sparrow 2017 in the MINIS category.

2017 ITFS Stuttgart
2017 Insomnia Filmfest
2017 Shorts at Moonlight Höchst
2017 Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt
2017 FilmZ Mainz
2017 Chicago Int’l Children’s Film Festival
2018 28. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage
2018 Monstra
2018 Animayo


Nomination MINIS, Goldener Spatz 2017

I would like to thank the Babelsberg Film University and my team for their wonderful support on this project!